We recommend that all boat owners should follow the recommended marine engine service intervals. Oils, coolants, seals, manifolds and exterior surfaces all decay over time. Even if you haven’t used your boat for a while, it will still need routine maintenance.

Extended periods without oil changes can seriously damage crankshaft bearings due to breakdown of oil and contamination making it acidic or caustic causing pitting of mating bearing surfaces. Correct marine engine service intervals are critical to life expectancy of you engine.

The saltwater environment is a harsh environment for your marine engine and  there is accelerated corrosion especially to cooling systems using heat exchangers. Inspections and pressure testing for breaches of watertight integrity between circulation of internal coolant and external seawater can identify issues before they become catastrophic failures.

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We specialize in complete servicing and repairs for your vessel engines. diesel, petrol, outboard leg, sail drives etc.
If you need a routine service, major repairs or new engine fitted or just a preventative maintenance inspection, we can offer you a solution with options that best suit your boating needs.

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