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Nanni Marine Diesel Engines
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The new range’s key strengths

It improves control over the cooling system, notably when starting up and during the engine warm-up phase. The dual effect thermostat system is further strengthened by ensuring total separation between sea water and cooling liquid flows. This enables the engine’s temperatures to rise rapidly, while keeping it under control at all times. These improvements are very important for uses at very low or very high temperatures.
It enables major space savings for the same power

The best example is the Nanni N2.10. A twin cylinder cooled using a dual circuit temperature exchanger, which reaches a maximum running speed of only 3,000 rpm. It is just as compact as a 3,600 rpm direct cooled single cylinder. This improvement, benefiting the entire range, makes it possible to respond to growing demand on the market, which is constantly raising the power levels required for a given use.

It offers a greater choice of options tailored to various uses

Its compact design enables it to be fully tailored to the boat, with a wide range of options available: additional or integrated alternators, hydraulic pump connections, personalised accessory kits, etc. This offering also includes a large choice of straight or angled inverters.

A complete Sail Drive range
From 10 to 60 Hp with Kubota engines. Designed for various applications, this new range is simple, harmonious, compact and robust and perfectly integrates to the marine environment.

Main benefits :

  • Improves the cooling system control at start-up and during the warm up phase of the engine .
  • Allows an important gain of space at the same power level.
  • More options available for different applications.
  • A complete range suitable for Sailing yachts from 7 to 16 meters

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