Vetus….Innovation through design

For more than 50 years, VETUS has been an internationally recognized developer, manufacturer and trading company, selling marine engines, generators and technical equipment for recreational craft and small commercial vessels.Vetus Logo

Easy installation

You own a boat to enjoy time on the water. Of course maintenance of your technical equipment or engine is inevitable. Our products are designed for easy installation and easy to maintain for sure.

  • M-Line series for many types of boats; launches, sailing yachts, canal boats and small cabin cruisers 
  • H-Line series for cabin boats, small fishing boats and larger canal boats. 
  • F-Line range of modern high-speed common-rail diesel engines for planing and semi-planing speed boats. 
  • D-Line common-rail engines for heavy displacement boats. 
  • The line-up of the redesigned M-line marine diesel engines is impressive. With new features, modern appearance and added benefits, the new M-line range is designed to meet future market demand.NEW FEATURES One of the most notable changes is the cast aluminium top cover. This cover incorporates various new and innovative features. It includes a water cooled element and absorbs radiant heat from the engine. This innovative concepts results in a significant temperature reduction of up to 15°C – a reduction of 20%! Moreover, the sturdy aluminium top cover significantly reduces the noise level of the engine. In combination with the new air filter, tests show a sound reduction of about 5 dB(A) and “near silent” operation at a cruising speed of around 2200 rpm. Finally the water cooled top cover is designed to be used as a step, making it easier to move around the engine.

    Becker Enterprises are authorised sales and service agents for Vetus and can provide servicing, repairs and installation of a new replacement engine.
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